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      A laser engraving machine with 60 wats laser tube. On these stage the laser can achieve engraving speed 1000mm /s, but soon the main servo motor will be changed and the speed will be 1500mm/s.
      The mainframe body it is from steel welding box profile. I had choice that, because the mainframe is very strong, the adjustment of the laser it is same as in the assembling process, no distorsion in the construction even when i moves the laser on the other place. These laser is with removable table, can engrave objects with any hight, can be placed above the object and can engrave directly below. The head is ajustable with 50mm tolerance. The common weight on the laser engraver is 70kg.

      My previos project laser engraver was with aluminium standart profile. That sort of construction are attached with bolts which can moves a little. Some adjustment where needs after assembling because the bolted construction.

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