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      Sometime ago, i've built a small CNC Laser engraver, but it doesn't satisfy me, both the electronics and the mechanical...

      After a while i've started to design a new control board for the Laser, this time i want all the electronics on a single PCB, both the movement control and the current driver of the laser.
      The first step was to design the circuit : I've used the standard GRBL pin assignment, the LT3083 to drive the laser and the stepstick to move the motors.

      NOTE: This is a REV1, I have already identified an improvement to do ...

      Schematics (REV 1):
      PCB (REV 1):

      With these files I have made the PCBs:
      PCB realizzato.jpg

      Then I've soldered all the components and this is the result:

      (In the next build i'll use the vslot to build the mechanics)

      With the need to generate the GCode for the laser directly from an image, i've started to write an extension for Inkscape (http://www.inkscape.org/).

      Step 1)
      Download from "Attached Files:" (at bottom)
      Step 2) Extract the archive and simply copy all the files in the folder "Extensions" of Inkscape

      Windows ) "C:\<...>\Inkscape\share\extensions"
      Linux ) "/usr/share/inkscape/extensions"
      Mac ) "/Applications/Inkscape.app/Contents/Resources/extensions"
      for unix (& mac maybe) change the permission on the file:
      chmod 755 png.py
      chmod 755 raster2laser_gcode.py
      chmod 644 raster2laser_gcode.inx


      Step 1) Resize the inkscape document to match the dimension of your working area

      Step 2) Draw or import the image

      Step 3) To run the extension go to: Extension > 305 Engineering > Raster 2 Laser GCode generator

      Step 4) Play!

      Attached Files:

      1. Special Notes

        1) This is a REV 1 of the board.
        2) English is not my native language, so sorry for my poor grammar...
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    I've started this project to have a single board for controlling a small Laser cnc
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