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      IMG_0040.jpg IMG_0041.jpg This is my first laser engraver/cutter project. I almost gave up due to there being so many ideas and disappointments out there. I've had it running for a few months and just last week built my own z axis for cutting thicker pieces of wood. Oh, the main reason for this project was to start cutting balsa for my first main hobby of flying RC Planes and building custom drones.

      There was a slight(BIG) learning curve with the different software available for control and design but I've figured out enough to get by. Luckily I have a little knowledge from from my 3D printer(Rostock Max V2) and using arduino to program chips for LED displays.

      I did end up designing my own z axis last week and 3D Printing everything but the leadscrew and stuff. This was the icing on the cake, letting me cut thru some of the thicker wood components for my aircraft.

      Love to give a Shout Out to OpenBuilds and the community.
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    Cutting Basla Wood
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