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      Build: Make an x y table with v slot. Use a long piece for the x dimension. Put a tracer on the left end and a 3d pen on the right end. Put a lab jack where you want to create your art. Make it about 10 inches below the surface of the x y table. Put a flat substrate on the lab jack and crank it as high as you want to start. Adjust it to be the same level as the x y table. Draw away!

      This is the largest printer I have found. It is also the cheapest. The reason is that it is run by hand, without computer or motors or electronics. Put an object on one side and move the 3d pen while tracing the object. Move the z dimension by turning the crank on the lab jack to move the printed copy down a notch. Be creative!

      Here are some other options with photos of wood builds found on the net.

      Option 2: put the x y table on a hinge.
      This design visualized from left to right is
      1. Left side: Hinge on the y axis.
      2. Object to copy.
      3. Copy is made on the right.

      Matthias Wandel

      Option 3: put the x y table on a hinge.
      This design visualized from Far to near is
      1. Far side: Hinge on the y axis.
      2. Near side left: Object to copy.
      3. Copy is made on the near right.
      Found on http://www.mylespaul.com/forums/luthiers-corner/304258-hand-tool-build-3-shredder-my-cousin-5.html
      Photos to follow.
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    • CC - Attribution NonCommercial - CC BY NC

    Reason for this Build

    To get away from computer screens.
  • Parts list

    Qty Part Name Part Link Comments
    2 V slot extrusion Link Pick any length and dimensions. I used 20x20.
    1 Build plate Link Any size. Or use a piece of v slot and angle braces for wheels.
    8 V rollers Link 4 for x dimension, 4 for y
    8 Hardware Link 4 Spacers, 4 eccentric spacers, screws
    1 Lab jack Link Pick a lab jack for movement in the z dimension. I spent $30. I chose 6x6 inch table with 10 inch lift.
    1 3d pen Link Choose a 3d pen. Mine was $30 on ebay
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