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      1. Components laid out
      Before planning how exactly I will arrange the components in the case, I laid out everything to get an overview and rough idea of placement.

      2. CAD and drawings
      After acquiring datasheets and drawings of components or measuring them myself, I build everything in CAD to get an accurate assembly. From the assembly, I traced mounting points, cutouts and space requirements onto the case model. This got converted into the drawings that I included in this project.

      3. Wiring schematics
      I laid out the wiring not only for the documentation, but also to check for errors.

      4. Manufacture
      From the drawings, I transferred necessary information to modify the raw case onto the case components. With a hand drill, fret saw and a file, I made all the holes and cutouts.
      _0017009.JPG _0017011.JPG

      5. Mounting components and wiring
      Components are mounted in place and wired according to the wiring schematic. I used proper connectors and ferrules wherever possible. You should, too. These little things increase the reliability and repairability of your project.
      I mounted the fan so that it blows out of the case. Its purpose is to generate an air flow, drawing air from the openings in the case. Since I did not have a 40 mm fan grill, I printed one. The BOM specifies a standard wire fan grill.
      _0017014.JPG _0017018.JPG _0017019.JPG

      6. Fan setup
      Since the DC-DC converter for the fan can only be set under voltage, I set the trimming potentiometer to the lowest setting, activated the power supply and used a multimeter clamped to the output of the DC-DC converter to set 12 V as output voltage.

      7. Finished
      The lab power supply is now ready for usage.
      _0017023.JPG _0017024.JPG _0017027.JPG _0017045.JPG
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