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      This is a stool I designed as part of a project at the TU Delft. It's intended to be made in 18mm wood on a cnc router, but I didn't have that kinda money to spend, so instead I made a scale-model with a lasercutter.

      The stool can easily be assembled (or dissassembled for that manner) and is stable without any screws or glue, but if you want to make it more permanent, glue can easily be added.

      One full-sized(18mm material thickness) stool fits, on a 1200*1200mm plate, which was part of the design requirements.

      I first wanted to make the design parametrical, so the amount of sitting boards, the size and the thickness of the wood could be configured independently, but I didn't have the skillset required to do so - I might try to do that one day.

      The original design was meant to be a chair, but that amount of wood wouldn't have fit inside of the requirements - later I learned that I was one of the few that actually stayed within spec, but I'm happy that I did anyhow.
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