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      Hi, Folks!

      After 9 weeks of waiting i finally got my new killerbee 1515 from RatRig.
      I chose this CNC because it seemed to me to be the best in terms of stability.
      The stability can be guessed at just by the weight that the parcel carrier had to carry.

      Of course I immediately started assembling it.
      I took my time, because a precise assembly would definitely be worthwhile.

      I donated a sheet steel housing from rittal for the electrical construction.
      It houses the 24V power pack, the xpro-v5 controller and some relays for switching the loads.

      Apart from the 230v line for the router, all lines were brought out on plugs:
      - the stepper motors x/y/y2/z
      - the limit switches x/y/z (there are 2 for each axis)
      - the led lighting of the router
      - the emergency switch
      - the probe
      - a cable for a laser module (later ?)

      To be continued ...
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