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      I've always been bad at documenting projects, but here goes.

      This is my 750 x 500mm Ox build.

      My Ox consists of the following parts:
      Most mechanical parts ordered from Openbuilds store.
      Black v-slot when available.
      1/4" alum plates (from @SlyClockWerkz)
      A few brackets hand made.

      I am attempting to utilize the dual belt system where one belt is attached to the rail w/ the teeth up so the second belt can mesh with it. It does not seem to be working as well as theorized.

      Electronics consist of
      24v 14.6A PSU
      TinyG v8
      3 x 269 oz/in steppers (X-axis and Y-axis)
      1 x 156 oz/in stepper (Z-axis)
      Dewalt DWP611 Router as spindle
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    Build License:
    • CC - Attribution - CC BY

    Reason for this Build

    Always wanted a cnc router

    Inspired by

    The original Openbuilds Ox build.