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      This is a LARGE format 3d printer that is designed to have a swappable head so it can be used as a router as well. It uses Nema 23 motors and is made with 45x45mm frame. I had to tweak the design to make it work with the different frame sizes and types I had. I am quite a way through the build and have started some wiring and have the belts strung at this point. I am going to be playing with programming and using different controllers, but for now I'm going to use an arduino mega to control everything since I'm really familiar with is.

      Here is a first print, this is a single 1kg roll of filament so a .4 wall thickness and 3% infill. I tried printing this in pieces and wasted a roll and a half. The larger printer saves a ton of filament and effort since I don't have to glue and sand pieces that don't math together:

      20190622_082744.jpg 20190622_082113.jpg
      Here's some recent photos of the now fully functional Z axis:
      IMG_20190511_193705456.jpg IMG_20190514_165330329.jpg
      This is an output render of the 3d model in blender:
      printer Render.png
      IMG_20190504_094441529.jpg IMG_20190504_094451775.jpg IMG_20190504_094520520.jpg

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    I wanted to be able to be unconstrained in the size of my prints. Spending hours slicing up models and then glueing them together prohibits me from building large objects.

    Inspired by

    None really, this is entirely my design.
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