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      This is my take on the K40 upgrades.

      This build will contain a 60x30 cm cutting area, a MKS or SKR controllerboard, LED, Painting, PSU aso. Keep posted as now it will be more as a blog then a guide :)
      Basert heavily on this, K40 12x24in rebuild (In Original Case)

      270179603_981654662725623_4167223581498587406_n.jpg This is some pictures during disassembly
      271606088_1321332638295092_7963944179310937557_n (1).jpg
      270337257_689359095568007_3497739145000447754_n.jpg Dissassembly completed.
      And now, for painting :) White inside for brighter working space.
      And Black/Blue for looks (not that fancy, but hey.. i like it :))

      I have ordered controller board, openbuild aluminium and wheels.. i've 3d-printed all files i need..
      So when stuff starts to arrive i will keep this updated.

      Is some will notice, i have a really old and not-so-well documented powersupply boards, so there will be some trial and error before i have the new controller board up and running, but the criteria is PWM controll of the tube, safety switches and possibility to use lightburn instead of coreldraw.

      So.. thanks for the read so far :)
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    • CC - Attribution Share Alike - CC BY SA

    Reason for this Build

    I buildt this to get a bigger working area and to be able to use lightburn software. On the way i included led lights and some other mods
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    3 Spray-paint Link A bit of paint is needed :)
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