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      Stuff I had to buy:
      • $23 Arduino Uno clone plus CNC shield plus DRV8825 pololu-style drivers
      • $40 safety power tool switch (e-stop power cutoff)
      • $99 Makita RT0701C router (had a wider RPM range)
      • $25 1/8" collet for Makita from Elaire
      • $20 black rubber accordian chip shield (which I cut into bits to cover the lead screw)
      • $21 24V 15A power supply
      • $29 Yost 3 inch drill press vise
      End mills from Lakeshort Carbide:
      • $10 1/4 uncoated carbide 2 flute square end mill
      • $5 1/8 uncoated carbide square end mill
      • $15 1/4 uncoated carbide 2 flute drill/mill (for chamfers)
      • $12 1/4 uncoated carbide 2 flute ball end mill
      Stuff I had to 3d print:
      • 65mm adapter for router holder
      • chip shields / lead screw covers
      • washers for vise mounting
      • enclosure door hinges and latch

      Tools I bought because I didn't have them yet:
      • $45 shop vac to suck up chips / dust
      • $18 laser tachometer to measure true spindle RPM
      • $6 feeler gauges to help with zeroing
      • $48 reciprocating saw & blades to rough cut stock
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