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    1. Nusriadi nurdin
      3 /5,
      Where x axis guide asebly?
    2. Jhonny
      5 /5,
    3. Meshal
      5 /5,
    4. Chetan PM
      5 /5,
      Very nicely packaged. Would be thrilled if the actual build looks like it does in renders :)
      1. Indieflow
        Indieflow's Response
        Thanks, I personally think the builds look better, just need to imagine the wires everywhere! lol
    5. Indieflow
    6. Indieflow
      5 /5,
      Indie Lc is my first 3d printer! very easy! now i plan to build the new Indie i2!!
      1. Indieflow
        Indieflow's Response
        Mario can you post some pictures of your IndieLC to look at? Also hope you'll post some photos of your i2 build!
    7. Indieflow
      5 /5,
      Like the design.
    8. Indieflow
      5 /5,
      Excellent design.. I was already planning to build the same like this based on Bukito model.. How much % of success in achieving print quality?
    9. Indieflow
      5 /5,
      Awesome work! How much resolution can it achieve? It hasn't vibration or resonances cause of crane construction? It mantains the gap to the bed along X axis been suspended? I' m own a few prusas, medels and a self designed big CoreXY 3D printer, Maybe your work inspire me to build something similar. Cheers, from NW of Spain ;-)
    10. Indieflow
      5 /5,
      I haven't yet been able to figure out whether or not I'll be able to pick up what I need here in the US, but this design is so clean. It's quite literally a work of art. Excellent!
      1. Indieflow
        Indieflow's Response
        If you need any help sourcing items let me know :)
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