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      This is Ike:Laser, something I have been working on for a few weeks.

      Over 98% of the parts are from the Openbuilds's store, I used left over parts from previous builds such as Misumi T-Nuts and Misumi Cast Corners, but I could have use the one in the store.

      The only parts that are not in the store are the Shapeoko style belt clips, which I got from Inventables.

      My original design was to use 1/4in thick UHMW Polyethylene Sheet, however, after 3D printing the Y axis parts on my 3D printer for test fit, and subsequently milling the same parts on my Shapeoko 3, I figured the polyethylene sheet at 1/4in had to much flex in them.

      So, I decided to get the plate laser cut. I might have done those on my Shapeoko, but I have no experience in milling aluminum, hence instead of wasting mucho deniro learning how to mill alu, I went the easy route. :D

      What you see here is the result as it stands today. I am still debating whether to use the Shapeoko style belt clips or revert back to use T-Nuts, or something.

      The machine feels quite sturdy. I am happy with the result so far, and the manual Z axis for adjustment of the laser head (it was designed to use a 3.8W JTech Photonics laser head) is quite nice. I decided to have a manual adjustment of the laser height instead of messing around with the focusable laser lens.

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        My next step is to hook up my smoothieboard and work out the kinks.

        After that, I'll look into what type of laser that is compatible with the smoothieboard I want to use.
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