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      I always wanted to create a machine with its own interface in which the computer human interaction is pleasant, simple, easy to use and access from anywhere and what better time than now that the industry begins to change, where the systems are more intelligent and of self-regulating.

      That is why I created a WiFi CNC plasma machine, which is communicated through the internet, this means that the interface sends the data to the machine of what it has to do and the machine responds back, although I have not yet finished it at 100% this machine is working nicely.

      What is IIoT? or What is Industrial Internet of Things?
      Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) refers to the use of Internet of Things (IOT) in manufacturing and related industries like agriculture, gas and oil, utilities, and transportation to create smart, self-regulating systems.The Industrial Internet of Things is opening up a new era of economic growth and competitiveness, this will transform companies and countries.

      Benefits of IIOT:

      • Increased Efficiency: Capturing of more data about their processes and products through the use of technologies such as sensors and the data collected will provide valuable information to transform business practices or make real-time decisions.
      • Increased Revenue: IIOT opens up new models of business and brings new sources of revenue. The IIoT can help to monetize additional services on top of existing products.
      • Change in Business Models: The IIoT allows automation of some processes that can improve time-to-market, measure performance and rapidly respond to customer needs.New services and products are emerging & enabling new approaches create great value for customers.
      • Reduce Risk Management and Safety Compliance : IIOT can help reduce risk and monitor safety protocol adherence by identifying the areas where Machines can learn to monitor and audit compliance procedures, flagging irregularities and issues much more quickly than humans can.
      4 V-Slot Linear Rail 20x40mm cut to size Length: 600mm for X and Y Axis.
      1 V-Slot Linear Rail 20x40mm cut to size Length: 250mm for Z Axis.
      4 NEMA 17 Stepper Motors 0.9┬░ 68 oz.in (400 step/rev)
      4 8mm Leadscrew
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    Reason for this Build

    Start my own plasma design cutting business.

    Inspired by

    Industrial Internet Of Things
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