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      Say Hello to my little friend.
      Work Area app 300x300
      Twin OpenRail Carriage on the X-axis with triple pylon beam support on either side uses 48v to drive 570 in/oz motor attached to 2 to 1 timing gears driving 4mm pitch ball screw drive.
      Y axis has 3/4" aluminum table sitting on SBR12 linear rails driven by 48 v supplied to twin 570 in/oz motors with 2 to 1 timing gears and 4mm pitch ball screws.
      Z axis 170mm travel on solid v-wheels uses 48v to drive a single 400 in/oz stepper with 2 to 1 timing gears and 4mm pitch ball screw.
      H-100 1.5 KW VFD Inverter driving a 1hp (750W) spindle motor.


      1. Special Notes

        Many Thanks to ThatJim for helping me with cutting all of the plates for this build
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