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      I've starting my build modeled after the OpenBuilds OX Open Source CNC Router Build by Mark Carew. I have already received all parts and built the majority of the frame.

      Here are some
      mock-ups I did around the house. My wife was a sport since I was so exited to receive my tracks after waiting a month for a backorder to be filled.

      20140902_213723[1].jpg 20140912_082548[1].jpg 20140914_234850[1].jpg 20140914_234900[1].jpg 20140914_235000[1].jpg 20140915_082222[1].jpg

      At this point I've built everything exactly like the SketchUp of the OpenBuilds OX 48x48 Aluminum located in the Details tab.

      Now I needed a real space to put this little beast together so I cleared an area in the garage. I also decided to pack up the car and finish the build at Techshop.

      20140920_214349[1].jpg 20140920_232704[1].jpg 20140920_232803[1].jpg 20140920_232722[1].jpg 20140920_235142[1].jpg 20140921_000932[1].jpg

      Issue #1:
      I can't get my Nema 23's to act reliably on any axis. My Nema 17 for the Z works on every axis fine. I can get the 23's to move by turning the pots way down but, it's still sputters. I'm using the 24v 20amp power supply and stepper motors from the OpenBuilds store.
      Is it possible I have my Arduino loaded with the wrong firmware or that GRBL 0.9 is not compatible with the gShield?

      Current Setup:

      Arduino Uno Rev 3 (Make SMD Version w/o GRBL preinstalled)
      gShield v5 from Synthetos

      Grbl Controller 3.6.1 (Windows)

      Attached Files:

      1. Special Notes

        I have lots of experience with running CNC's, designing, & building things, but not a lot in the electronics portion of this build. I'm hoping I can follow along in the multiple Open Source forums.
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    • CC - Attribution - CC BY

    Reason for this Build

    I am currently working on a product line of furniture and wanted a CNC that I could slide a whole piece of plywood in without cutting into smaller pieces first.

    Inspired by

    OpenBuilds OX Open Source CNC Router Build by Mark Carew
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