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      This will be a slow build as I collect parts and materials as funds and time permit. I had originally planned to build a Sphinx, but am now building a 1000mm x 1000mm Workbee instead. I call it the "Hand Crafted WorkBee" because I will be hand making the plates and as much of the build as possible using a drill press and hand tools. I had already purchased some Cbeam, wheels, screws, hardware and raw materials for the Sphinx, so now that I'm going with the Workbee instead I'll need to revisit my materials list.

      For the moment I'm concentrating on building a sturdy table for the machine to live on.

      Getting some 'reclaimed' oak cleaned up.

      Legs are 3" x 3" (76mm x 76mm) and apron will be 2" x 4" (50mm x 100mm)

      The top is two layers 0f 3/4" cabinet grade Birch Plywood (38mm) and 47" square (1.2M)

      Storage shelf is plywood. Everything is screwed or thru bolted.

      Rounding the bottom of the table legs

      Trimming the top to size

      Cutting up a dowel

      Lets hide those lag bolts

      A little trimming

      And now some stain

      Preparing some protective edging

      And now we have a sturdy (very heavy) table

      That's all for now....

      Continued progress in the "Discussion" tab.

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