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      Designed from the ground up as a low cost, highly scalable delta printer. This printer has been built as small as carry on luggage size, up to an 18in wide print surface and is capable of larger.
      Approximate cost is low to mid $500 range start to finish, including electronics for a basic model. Options can push it to around $600. It's easily constructed with common tools you probably already own (hacksaw or Dremel, allen keys, soldering iron and pliers.

      Not a work in progress, this is a stable working printer design that has already built operational offspring. Keep in mind the design may further evolve and documentation is in progress.
      More information is found at http://www.griffinprinter.org where the complete build is documented. Including B.O.M., tips, and assembly instructions.

      The J-Head mount is a modified J-Head mount by Goopyplastic (I added LED holders) and the effector is a modified Kossel (to use smaller ball ends and fit the J-head). This allows for (easier) interchangeability of Kossel Mini parts.

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    • CC - Attribution Share Alike - CC BY SA

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    To build a scalable, affordable delta.
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