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      CAD model here. Software stack here. Preferred slicer here.

      The software driver stack Installs cleanly onto any new Raspbian installation. It includes a touch-screen interface which is also served as a web-page for remote access. On the back end, it has a sophisticated GCode sender that works for 3D printers as well as CNC mills. Or use a sender you are comfortable with already.

      Features: Core XY, sensor-less homing, integrated camera, touch screen, pi, 32-bit controller, fast, quiet, beautiful prints. 300 x 300 x any build volume. Just change out the Z lead screws, rods, and four pillars. It can easily be adapted to sensored homing, which I have done in a couple of cases.

      This printer is designed to be rigid and strong first, light and fast second, simple and elegant third. Most heavier printers have weight in areas that do not contribute to the rigidity of the XY axes, which is where it really matters most.

      Total BOM around $750 USD.

      Build time around 6 hours.

      Visit Grid.Space for more information
      1. Special Notes

        This is the result of hundreds of hours of design, prototyping, building, and re-building. It has all the latest features you could hope for, yet is easy to build, very rigid, and surprisingly light.

        If you glance at the picture but don't look closely or open the model, you will not notice that the corners use interior metal angle brackets. It's incredibly strong. You can stand on it and it won't move. The radius corner covers are largely decorative. Some act as feet, end stops, or hide cabling. The rest are for visual balance.

        An updated version is in the works that supports automated head swapping. Also coming is an option for more traditional optical XY endstops instead of sensorless homing, which can be a bit fickle to configure and tends to drift in reliability.
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    After working with and being dissatisfied with commercial printers for several years, I had developed my own software stack, including slicer. The next natural step was to design and build my own printer.
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