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      DSCN2261.JPG DSCN2260.JPG DSCN2266.JPG
      This is where I am at right now. I'm still trying to figure out where to attach the cable chains.
      This picture shows all the components I was able to machine using the Shpinx CNC. The white blocks are Delrin (Acetal) that I will machine into the ball nut housings. DSCN1839.JPG
      The Acetal blocks squared up on the mini mill. DSCN1838.JPG DSCN1842.JPG DSCN1863.JPG
      Boring the hole for the ball nut. DSCN1874.JPG
      Acetal ball nut housings and modified ball nuts. The flanges were ground to allow clearance inside the cbeam. DSCN1881.JPG
      Here's my method for attaching the angled piece that supports the Y axis linear carriages. DSCN1886.JPG
      Ball nut housing pocket. I had to add the dog bones later as I forgot them initially. DSCN1893.JPG DSCN1903.JPG
      Finished ball nut blocks DSCN1908.JPG
      Trying to keep a low profile inside the cbeam. DSCN1889.JPG
      I had to keep very tight tolerances for these to work together. DSCN1930.JPG DSCN1956.JPG
      Captive nut pockets as I can't reach all of these once the plates are installed. DSCN1959.JPG DSCN1984.JPG DSCN1968.JPG DSCN1985.JPG DSCN1987.JPG DSCN2016.JPG DSCN2001.JPG DSCN2000.JPG DSCN2032.JPG
      I had to install TouchDRO on my mini mill as I still had the X axis plates left to machine and no operational CNC at this point. DSCN2052.JPG
      These were fly cut above and the surface finish is meh but I bought a shell mill and you can see the difference below. DSCN2196.JPG DSCN2043.JPG
      This picture was actually take before I installed the DRO and I was till using blue ink. DSCN2061.JPG DSCN2060.JPG
      Looks like I need a small grease gun nozzle haha DSCN2105.JPG
      Represent!! DSCN2109.JPG
      Working on the Y axis motor standoffs. The standard 40mm won't work for me. I had to make these 55mm. DSCN2111.JPG DSCN2112.JPG DSCN2123.JPG
      55mm Y axis standoffs (Acetal) DSCN2224.JPG DSCN2250.JPG DSCN2255.JPG
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