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      Retrofitting of two Gerber 404 CNC routers. Both machines are in very good mechanical condition. After installing a Blackbox X32 to run my Onefinity, i am wondering the same with these two. By going this route, the build would be much simpler. I have already gutted the OEM electronics and removed the DC servos from the machines. I am now deciding on which motors and controller. I will be using Nema 23 motors. The OEM servos were large, and cylindrical. Probably comparable to nema34. I have some Nema34 DC servos at my disposal, but I would have to make some serious modifications to fit one inside the gantry, where the OEM motor and belt is. This will be a slow process
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        Looking for feedback and advice.
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    I was gifted these two machines & want to get them operational.
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