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      Making a CoreXZ printer, its my first 3d printer so I'm calling it Genesis. My main goals are to keep costs down while being able to modify and upgrade in the future. Using all GT2 belts and nema 17 steppers. Using the same 625ZZ bearings on the wheels and pulleys to keep the cost down since I need 9 pulleys for this design.

      I was going to use the Marlin firmware but after messing around with it got motion working fine but no endstops. Good news is that Repetier firmware has support for CoreXZ built into it and it has been working great.

      I'm still waiting on a few parts so it might be a while till I get some build images but I do have my sketchup file below. I modified the skp file to reflect 3 wheels used on the x and z plates, (another cost savings). I didn't modify the skp to reflect the 20x60 rail I used on the z axis though (too much work). You could use 20x40 rail if you wanted.

      Uploaded a BOM that is probably 95% complete. Didn't quite keep cost down as much as a Tiko Printer (pretty cool) but at least I can later put a Diamond Hotend on my printer later (pretty cool as well).

      More to come in the next month...

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    Inspired by

    CoreXZ, RepStrap CoreXZ
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