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    1. bearwood
      2 /5,
      Not as rigid as you might think. X gantry needs further support to prevent flexing. Also the flex drive couplings on the Z axis cause too much hysteresis which prevents 1 layer being printed. I am adding 2 extra wheels to the X axis or a 20x60 section would also work. Once I get it printing successfully I will convert to an XZ setup.
      1. MechEng
        MechEng's Response
        Hello! I'm glad to see you're embarking on this build journey as well! I've made some revisions that you might want to look over, and I'm pretty confident they will solve some of the issues you seem to be experiencing. Sorry for the delayed update. I've been busy with school, and I haven't had an opportunity to update the build until now. Good luck on your build!
    2. MechEng
      Mark Carew
      5 /5,
      Excellent build! Very easy to follow documentation, thank you for sharing.
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