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      WARNING: THIS BUILD IS CURRENTLY IN PROGRESS. Do not pursue this build if you aren't comfortable making modifications to the design. The directions and BOM are currently out of date with the new design. Expect updates within the next few months!

      12/5/2014 UPDATE:
      Hello everyone. I've been busy with school (it has essentially consumed my life), so sorry if it has taken me a while to get this build up and running.

      I've slowly been working on the printer in my spare time, and have made a few adjustments. The original x axis design has some issues with the z wheel assembly flexing because the x axis was made of 20x40 and it didn't have enough room to add a 3rd wheel on each side to stabilize the torque on the x axis. I remedied this by replacing the 20x40 x axis with a 20x60 x axis for use of a third wheel on each side. I also increased the height of the z axis extrusion to account for the height of the new 20x60 x axis. The belt/ stepper configuration on the y axis ended up bending the idle screw, so I redid the y axis stepper/ belt configuration (essentially identical to an Ordbot Hadron y axis), and am now very happy with it. I also ended up moving the LCD screen assembly to the bottom of the printer because the LCD screen connecting wires are fairly short for most LCD screens and it had trouble reaching the ramps board near the bottom of the frame. Also invested in some solid shaft couplings so I wouldn't have to worry about axis sag. I made sure everything was properly aligned, and the z axis translates butter smooth. I also replaced the 20x40 extrusion on the bottom of the frame that connects the two z-axis extrusions with a piece of 20x60 extrusion to fully utlitize the stiffness of the 90 degree connector plate on the sides of the printer. Wasn't necessary, but I figured it couldn't hurt.

      All in all, I'm very happy with the progress. All the modifications I've made from the original design would cost very little to make yourself if you're already invested in the older configuration of this printer. I might end up switching the x axis stepper/ motor to something like an Ordbot Hadron setup, but for now I'll leave it and let you know how it works once I've tested it.

      Here are a couple preview pics of the progress I've made on the printer so far. I am expecting some really nice prints from this printer :):



      I also plan on doing a comprehensive assembly guide once I've got the printer up and running. You might notice I'm also working on a captive nut adapter plate, and a custom mounting plate for the Budaschnozzle extruder that is designed for the Openbuilds gantry plate.

      Happy holidays!


      This is an excellent platform for super stiff dual extrusion capable printer. This printer has a build volume of 216x216x230mm, and can be upgraded to a 12x12" bed with minimal effort.

      The setup is fairly straight forward, but I've included a BOM (with cutlist and sources) and images of the assembly to assist you in your build.

      This build will require use of a precision saw, dremel/ something to grind with , drill, allen wrenches, a square, thread taps, and pliers/ belt clamp crimpers.

      Rear.JPG Main Assembly-front.JPG Main Assembly-bottom.JPG Main Assembly-left.JPG Main Assembly-rear.JPG Main Assembly-right.JPG Main Assembly-top.JPG Main Assembly-vertical slider spacers.JPG
      Notice 4 precision shims and a 1.5mm washer on this vertical slider wheel assembly.
      Main Assembly-x axis slider.JPG
      Notice 1 precision shim on this x axis slider wheel assembly.
      Main Assembly-y axis drive.JPG Main Assembly-y axis idler.JPG
      Note 3 bearings and two 1/4" aluminum spacers.
      Main Assembly-y axis slider.JPG
      Note 1 precision shim on this y axis slider wheel assembly.
      Main Assembly-z axis stepper motor mount.JPG
      Main Assembly-anti backlash nut.JPG
      Notice the slight overlap of the anti backlash nut and the low profile bolt. You will need to grind down the captive nut, or not use the middle bolt. Also note that you will need to drill mounting holes into the plate for the captive nut.

      Let me know if you have any recommendations or require any more documentation!

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