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      Here is my take (DXF file under "files and drawings") on the Overbuilds "OX" X and Z plates, feel free to use or modify. Build and use at your own risk!
      Works perfectly for me, made with well calibrated OX Heavy Duty.

      -1/4" 6061 aluminum, 6mm would also work fine.
      -22 standard size wheels and 4 mini wheels, 11 eccentrics.
      -Adds 4 mini-wheels to the inside of the Z-axis C-beam (OX HD uses 2 - 2080 v-slot for X gantry).
      -Greater separation of the X and Z wheels should make it stiffer in both axis.
      -Removable Z-axis plate (removable from the X-gantry carriage) make adjustments and rebuilds much easier.
      -X-Axis motor pulley closer to the V-Slot for less unsupported belt; reducing stretch on dual belt setups.
      -adds 2 more wheels to the bottom of X-axis carriage over stock setup.
      -more clearance for corner brackets at ends of X-gantry plate junction, reducing the lost travel.
      -dead sexy looks!

      IMG_5122 - Copy.JPG IMG_5143 - Copy.JPG IMG_5145 - Copy.JPG IMG_5146 - Copy.JPG IMG_5147 - Copy.JPG IMG_5151 - Copy.JPG IMG_5153 - Copy.JPG IMG_5157 - Copy.JPG IMG_5158 - Copy.JPG IMG_5160 - Copy.JPG IMG_5161.JPG
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    Inspired by

    Openbuilds OX and Workbee
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