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      Ox type build using some openbuilds components from Ooznest with cutting area of 1000mm X 900mm. 18mm mdf for the gantry frame, side plates and bed. I used H section aluminium for the running rails on the X and Y axis with v wheels and a C beam actuator for the Z axis. The X and Y axis are belt driven with GT3 (9mm) belt and 16 teeth pulleys on Nema 23's. Control is by Xpro V2 board fed via USB from a Linx tablet running Universal Gcode Sender within windows explorer (not Edge) with Java plug in downloaded. I love the tablet because it is fast, touch screen for jogging and is ok in the dusty environment. I use the amazing Replicantis all in one app for designing parts on an iPad or iPhone and save them straight to Dropbox. When I open UGS the files are already there! If I want to design very complex parts I use Inkscape and save to Dropbox in the same way. It means I can design in the house or design and tweak in the workshop without using a laptop.
      1. Special Notes

        Fast Decay. I soldered the fast decay setting on the back of the Xpro V2 board and this transformed the running of Nema 23s. Some say the controller is not up to powering 23s but I have to disagree. Plenty of torque even at 1/16 microsteps.
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    I am a cabinetmaker and have wanted one for years! Wahooo
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