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      I have upload the 3d project where you can get all the necessary printed parts (123dx format). To get the parts to be printed, download for free the software http://www.123dapp.com/design, open the project g&c_core.123dx, select the part you want and export in stl format.
      The bom file contains all the necessary hardware and the link where you can buy.
      Uploaded the last firmware marlin (1.1.0) and repetier already configured for this printer. Note: the menu are in Portuguese, you can easy modify this.

      specifications of the printer:
      All structure is made of aluminium, super rigid, each side was 4 2020 bars.
      Z axis all aluminium for rigidity and precision.
      Easy to transport.
      Support bowden or direct extruder.
      All electronics and core xy mechanism are hidden and protected with printed panels.
      Total Volume: 40x40x52cm
      Real print volume: 20x20x27cm
      Use 6 endstop, two for each axis.
      Hotend E3D v6 little, hotbed up to 110ºC
      Ramp 1.4, mega 256, 1/32 steppers, big LCD with SD card support

      I have added some extras that are not included in the BOM file:
      Raspberry with webcam and octoprint
      Light LED
      Button on/off with green light
      filament support with bearings and M8 screw
      colling for the x,y and extruder motors.
      Radial print fan.

      For more information consult the next links:

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    • CC - Attribution NonCommercial - Share Alike - CC BY NC SA

    Reason for this Build

    My goal was to design an printer that was good print quality and was cheap.

    Inspired by

    The printer use the next corexy mechanism: https://github.com/jand1122/RepRap-XY
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