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      Hello guys.
      First of all let me say what a wonderfull comunity this is. I've dream of having a cnc for so long and the openbuilds comunity helped a lot along the way.

      I have a small desktop 3d printed cnc that i tried to do some upgrades to see if i can improve it but it reached a point that all my efforts were in vain due to the lack of stability (flex wise) of the machine.
      I've attached some photos of the old machine.

      I'm on the early stages of the build. In the pictures i've upload to the file section you'll be able to see that the Y plates were milled from 5mm PVC foam just to prototype a proof of concept. the next step will be milling the X axis test plate in the same material.

      All the plates will be cut out of 10mm and 8mm cast acrylic, but for now and just for testing pourposes it will be 5mm black pvc foam

      Due to budgetary constrains, i'm going to use the motors of the old machine aswell as the cnc controler box i've built. I'm using the Nema 17 Bipolar 59Ncm (84oz.in) 2A with Arduino and CNC shield and TB6560 drivers. 57453671_10205898579099899_3280188827443920896_n.jpg

      Today 16/07/2019
      I've started to test the X and Z axis. i've decided that the plates for these axis are going to be 5mm cast acrylic. here is some pics of today's progress.

      IMG_20190716_141805.jpg IMG_20190716_141333.jpg

      Today 17/07/2019

      So after a few tests with the 5mm pvc foam, i've started milling the Y plate, 10mm cast acrylic.
      here is some pictures:
      IMG_20190717_124113.jpg IMG_20190717_131218.jpg IMG_20190718_005323.jpg

      Today 20/07/2019

      After some milling i've already assembled most of the machine. here is some pics:

      IMG_20190718_205833.jpg IMG_20190718_205931.jpg IMG_20190720_150604.jpg IMG_20190720_150639.jpg IMG_20190720_150656.jpg

      Today 16/11/2019
      Since the last post i've been perfecting the machine and trying to learn the much i can about milling. for all pourposes i've finished the project here is some pics

      1.jpg 2.jpg

      Attached Files:

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