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      A quick and dirty design.
      Goal was to come up with a rigid design out of parts I had laying about. This is a short starter version to figure out some stuff before investing in the part to make a longer machine.

      Sadly the only video I currently have of it operating is on YouTube and looks like it may not be accessible through OpenBuilds.

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      1. Special Notes

        Several parts where custom cut, I have attempted to upload a DFX file of the gantry uprights. I was able to use inch parts from the US and metric Parts from China and wed them together.
        I did have to make a Lexan spacer as the X-Axis parts where different enough in length to require some special rigging.
        I had planned on powder coating all the parts I custom made Reddish-Orange, but as I am baking in a toaster oven, all the larger pieces I machined are still their natural aluminum coloring.
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    • CC - Creative Commons Public Domain (CCO 1+)

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    It is my first attempt, I wanted to start small before going after a larger build. I have retrofitted several small lathes over to CNC. But this is my first shot at a unique design.
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