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      So I got a little side tracked recently when I ran into the need for a 3D printer. I am building a delta style printer out of some 80/20 compatible stock that we have in the lab but I needed to get something else in place quicker as our primary printer (CubePro Duo) had gone down. My boss had looked into a kit for his personal use and there was a good deal on a FLSUN kossel (mini?) kit for 200 USD. Given that this kit is a commercial one but adapted from an open source project I think that I can post about my build and experiences, but will withhold where I purchased it as I don't want this to sound like an advertisement. Frankly there comes a time when you have too many open projects and you need to know when a pre-engineered solution or at least a kit with instructions is the best choice. This was the case for this particular application for me and serves the added benefit of allowing me to become familiar with Marlin and RAMPS 1.4 before I implement them on my other Delta build. Working through what may be obvious problems for those who know printers more than I do has given me some great insight into the problems I will face when finishing my big printer. I will try to write up some of the things that I have resolved and post some of the questions I still have . I appreciate any feed back available.
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