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      The idea behind the design:

      Fortunately I have access to a CNC Router at my school, so I can make the parts which are easy to make but not worth the price to pay for them, and a 3D Printer to print the transparent walls, (can be substituted for bought shield guide rails).

      I also have an set of motors from a previouly bought CNC that was made very poorly, but the motors and spindle can still be salvaged.

      1) Buy most parts (for me its a problem because i am lazy and don't have the tools at my house to make my own parts altough some parts can be made by yourself to reduce the cost but require more work), The linear rail module is bought from Aliexpress while the aluminum extrusions are from item24.

      2)Somewhat modular, Shouldn't be hard to assemble or disassemble as I will try to change some parts or length of the travel if needed, motors from nema23 to nema34 if needed and a spindle for sure.

      3) Fixed Gantry, Linear Rails and Ball Screws

      4) Main use for Wood and Aluminum

      5) needs to fit in an apartment.

      6) work area of about 400mm by 400mm and 200mm height.
      1. Special Notes

        If anyone is interested for files or part list then message me, as they are not complete yet.
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    Build License:
    • CC - Attribution - CC BY

    Reason for this Build

    I wanted to create beautiful stuff out of wood as presents, or parts for daily use.

    Inspired by

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