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      I am building a fixed gantry style CNC router. This router will have 15mm linear rails and 16mm ball-screws on the X and Y axis, the Z axis will be a unit I adapt from another machine. I should have a cutting area of 380mm X 500mm. I will use openbuilds motors, electronics and software for the control.

      I have modeled most of this build in fusion 360, however I am still making decisions and reworking things as I go.

      With lots of plates to cut out I have worked out the following technique. I hold down stock with clamps and bore my holes with an 1/8" single flute endmill. Once I have holes I use screws to attach the plate to the waste-board so I can do any contour operations with a 1/4 endmill. Once I am done with the contour cuts I add a chamfer and do any 2-sided work using a shallow pocket in the waste-board if necessary.
      20201226_122039.jpg 20201226_142750.jpg 20201226_181156.jpg 20201227_193730.jpg 20201227_200633.jpg 20201227_202305.jpg

      The motor for the Y axis will sit under the moving bed, I have mounted it with a pulley and belt to reduce the footprint of the machine.
      20210130_143323.jpg 20210130_142705.jpg 20210130_144444.jpg 20210130_144541.jpg 20210130_144544.jpg

      The gantry is made from 3 25x75mm al extrusions these are bolted together and supported with endplates.
      20210218_184252.jpg 20210225_192222.jpg 20210208_180154.jpg

      The x axis ball screw is mounted to the gantry with custom spacers.
      20210115_214428.jpg 20210115_214434.jpg 20210116_144901.jpg 20210116_150237.jpg

      Here are a few photos from milling the ball screw spacers.

      20210115_164150.jpg 20210115_164454.jpg 20210115_172033.jpg 20210115_185809.jpg 20210115_193848.jpg 20210115_210206.jpg 20210115_212050.jpg

      I am reusing a z-axis from another machine, it does not mount directly on rails so I have made an adaptor plate to make it work. I started out by 3d printing a few test pieces to get the hole spacing and mounting height correct. The adaptor plate is made from 5/16 or 8mm plate.
      20210225_191018.jpg 20210227_171425.jpg 20210227_170913.jpg 20210227_172322.jpg

      For the bed I have a piece of 3/8 cast plate. So far all I have done with it is to cut it to the rough size. I will be cutting some mounting holes in it soon...


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    Reason for this Build

    I am building this machine to gain experience and see what type of accuracy I can achieve from a DIY router.

    Inspired by

    C-Beam by OpenBuilds, Modesty by linmag, C-Beam Machine Too by Metalguru
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