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      My first CNC was a Signature 8080. I used it for years tell my last windows XP computer died and the dos drivers would not work on win10. I got a CNC 3018 Pro. It was not strong enough to do PC boards. So I ordered some 20 mm rails kits to upgrade it. when they arrived the ball screws were almost as big as the stepper motors. So I order a stepper motor kit from stepperonline. when they got here the I found that the DM524t wound not work with the 3018 controller so I found an an Arduino that went though the washing machine and programed GRBL in it. Then looking at the base thinking that is not going to be strong enough. So I found a piece of 15 in u channel 15 ins long. That is when I abandoned upgrading the CNC 3018 pro and started to make my own machine.
      Cleaning up the u channel
      20200912_165406.jpg 20200912_165415.jpg 20200913_123744.jpg Making the Y axis support
      cleaning up the Z axis casting
      Setting up the X axis
      20201210_144037.jpg 20201210_164507.jpg
      Did not like the way the bearing that came with the ball screw worked so I made bearing holder and stepper motor
      20201210_164517.jpg 20201210_164523.jpg
      Setting up Y axis drive
      20201212_154859.jpg 20201212_154915.jpg
      Setting up the Z axis motors
      20201215_191925.jpg 20201215_191929.jpg 20201215_191932.jpg 20201218_114803.jpg 20201218_114807.jpg 20201218_122223.jpg 20201219_110143.jpg
      Making spindle

      I do not know how to up load a video of it working
      Here is a video on my server

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    I need to make a PC board
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