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      Well, here is my first attempt to build a 3d printer. I started the design based on thoughts in my head and before seeing the Deezmaker Bukito. It has a pretty small build area but for me and my sons it is a great starting point.

      The parts are mostly from Openbuilds. The controller is an Azteeg x5 mini. I liked this one for a few reasons, all in one, easy to flash and the ability to print unconnected. I may have gone with the Smoothie board but it was not available to purchase a month ago.

      I also went with a Bowden setup due to the arm configuration I have.

      I have not printed anything yet due to jamming issues on the E3D v6 hot end. I am reading posts on this and will alter some settings and season the hot end. Hopefully I will get my first print out soon.

      I would show my 3d model of the build I started but I am better at programming than CAD and my model is pretty rough. I will share if someone wants it.

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      1. Special Notes

        My special note is that if you embark on a home build keep the mechanics tight and square. Also when you buy pre-built parts like hot end read the instructions and view forum comments. This will keep the frustration level lower. You will quickly want great quality prints after the excitement of just getting plastic to flow. :)
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    Wanted to teach my sons this stuff is not magic and you can never have too many hobbies.

    Inspired by

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