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      This is Fina my Lautr3k inspired 3d printer build. Fina will have a few upgrades due to discontinued parts for the original Lautr3k build. Why Fina? you may ask. Because my little cousin got me playing Dark Souls a little while back. lol

      I will add more detail and organize this a little better when I have a free day. In the mean time here are a few details and photos from what I have so far.

      Started to get some parts in today. :)
      -X2 10mmX2mm Pitch Z-axis lead screws with nuts
      -E3D V6 Direct
      -Full Graphic LCD with SD card reader
      -300X300mm Heat Bed
      -Heat bed replay
      -40mm Nema 17's for Z-axis
      -48mm Nema 17's for X/Y-axis and extruder
      -Arduino Mega 2560
      -Ramps 1.4
      -x4 Stepper drivers
      -x3 end stops
      -capacitive proximity sensor ( will detect glass / pcb bed )
      -Hobbed bolt and extruder hardware








      Going over my orders It looks like the ptfe linear was left out of my E3D V6 hot end order. No problem sent Colin a email and he got one into the post asap for me. It also looks like I forgot to order my power supply and my heat bed Thermistor.

      That is okay I still need to figure out my power requirements before ordering my power supply any how. I will be picking up a 100K thermistor here in the next few days.

      X and Y axis Lead Screws will be leaving the machinist Monday. My Openbuilds order will be arriving next Tuesday (may/12/2015)
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    Build License:
    • CC - Attribution Share Alike - CC BY SA

    Reason for this Build

    For the experience! I love to build things. :)

    Inspired by

    Lautr3k, MendelMax, Others.
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