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      Project started 3 years ago as my bachelors project and continued as main part of my Masters degree final project.

      First version was made with old printer and scanner parts.

      Then it was upgraded with Nema 17 motors and rail system.
      02.JPG 03.JPG namatalica3.jpg

      For final version aluminium extrusions were added and V slot rail for main axis, also for easier tool change drill chuck was added.
      IMG_20190814_224337_resized_20190916_050836489.jpg IMG_20190815_151847_resized_20190916_050834203.jpg IMG_20190816_161913.jpg IMG_20190823_132559.jpg IMG_20190909_201746_resized_20190916_050831834.jpg 06.JPG

      Its controlled with arduino uno and cnc shield with a4899 drivers through G-code sender.

      The way it works, carbon fiber tow ( 12K ) passes through epoxy "bath" whole part is moving up and down, then is winded on steel rail tube which is rotating, usually do 4 passes and after that filament is pressed with clear tape to compress it for better adhesion then curing 12-24h and its ready for cutting and other finishing process.

      Main purpose is to make carbon fiber tube for office supplies( fountain and mechanical pen ) and maybe few drone frames etc.
      01.jpg 05.JPG

      A bit of augmented reality:
      1. Scan QR code with mobile ( it will redirect you to glitch )
      2.On Glitch go to sunglasses icon ( left top corner ) you will have to allow use of camera
      3. With camera on search for Hiro marker ( it work on screen but works better if its printed )

      Namatalica.png Hiro_marker.jpg Screenshot_20190909_215251_com.android.chrome.jpg
      Future improvements:
      Ruby script ( program for winding on specific angle etc )
      Another rotation axis

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    1 V-Slot® 40x40 Linear Rail https://openbuildspartstore.com/v-slot-40x40-linear-rail/ Link 40x40mm, 1m
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