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      6/11/17 - Update
      I first want to start off saying that I really appreciate the work Keith Davis has done with his TrueUp Glide printer (TrueUp Kit Version). I had this up and printing, but was having some issues with the glide system that I was never able to resolve. When I first got it printing, I had no backlash in the X gantry when the Z axis changed direction. But after some printing and adjustments, I ended up with some backlash I just couldn't get rid of. This is more likely due to my parts than Keith's design, which I still like very much.

      To resolve this problem, I replaced the glide portion with traditional wheels. Everything else about the build remains the same. Because of this change, I am marking this build as complete and will start another build documenting the changes I have made.


      I have a CoreXY printer that I am going to decommission and wanted to use the parts to build another printer. I found the TrueUp Glide and liked the style and design of it. It is made mainly from 20x20 V-Slot, but my CoreXY is 20x40. So, I am reworking the original TrueUp Glide design to use the 20x40 and this build is going to be my documentation of the build.

      In addition to the change from 20x20 to 20x40, I am also increasing the bed size to 300x300. I modeled the printer's frame up in OpenSCAD to verify the sizes I need to cut the V-Slot to. I am also going to have to rework several parts to fit the 20x40.

      I don't plan on this being a build that anyone else would be interested in making. The TrueUp Glide build is very well documented would be what I would suggest people to use.
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    • CC - Attribution NonCommercial - Share Alike - CC BY NC SA

    Reason for this Build

    To utilize parts from a decommissioned CoreXY printer.

    Inspired by

    TrueUp Glide
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