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      I've built myself a Sphinx by Kyo, really pleased with it.

      I wanted to play a bit with Fusion 360, and I wanted to install a dust shoe. I wanted a design that didn't cut down the machine's cutting capacity, was capable of safely moving over some low level clamps and hold downs, as well as being light enough to not impede the machine or cause it to deflect. I also wanted it to be cheap to make.

      I've put the design up on Thingiverse if anyone else feels they'd like to go down the same route:

      CNC Router Dust Shoe by Pretengineer

      I'll resist the urge to list the parts and pictures etc seperately here to avoid duplication. Please leave comments on shoot me a private message if there are any queries/questions.

      Hope this helps, and good luck fighting the dust :)
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    To collect the dust!
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