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      This is a portotype of a vacuum dust extraction (only for small bits - different boot for bigger bits/parts to interchange..) including a holddown for your thin sheet material.
      made of some wood leftovers to see if it works..
      It won`t be the last iteration, so expect it to change some.

      Changes will include:
      LED Light ring
      made of acryl to have more fun watching the milling process.

      As for now:
      it works surprisingly well, won`t scratch even balsa wood
      alows to use touchplate (remove lower part) or most of the auto-zero designs (e-bay..) without removing.
      Easy tool-change by snapping off the lower part
      (magnets and part-fit is enough, didn`t even use the aditional aligning pins (red) drawn)
      Holddown by three little springs between the lower two parts.

      easy to mill/build parts are all availible form your homedepot or shop-clutter:D

      So, all in all, a neat package and i guess you will easyle adapt that to your design.

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