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      I have a Reddit post with some questions answered: http://www.reddit.com/r/Reprap/comments/1sbryk/my_home_brew_3d_printer_and_laser_cutter_combo/

      Inspired from Mendel90/Prusa i3 designs. Specs: 200x200x200mm build volume, custom designed/printed dual filament extruders holding J-Head Mark-V hotends with dual 40mm cooling fans, 80mm print cooling fan/with custom bio hazard grill, 1.7W laser cutter(jtechphotonics)/(able to hack through/etch paper, plastics and 1/4" wood), MK3 aluminum heated bed, six(!) Nema17 stepper motors, Megatronics V2 computer with DRV8825 1/32 step motor drivers, all extruded aluminum construction, GT2 timing belts/gears, M8 Z drive screws on vibration dampening couplers, all axis movements are tracked by gantry plates with precision rails and matching (ball bearing) wheels. This printer will print PLA, ABS, HIPS, PVA, Nylon, etc... Foot print is 20 inches wide x 22 inches deep x 17 inches tall.
      Here's some videos of the laser cutting:

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    I wanted a much bigger machine than my Printrbot Jr. Plus dual extruders and a laser.

    Inspired by

    Mendel90 Prusa i3
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