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      I have been trying to put a DRO on one of my lathe and mill but the glass scale was to big. I had busted the Y axis belt on my CNC build and had to get a new one. With the busted belt and a rotary encoder I had ordered 10 or 12 year ago for something and never used it. Here is the DRO build for the mill
      20201127_150417.jpg 20201127_150424.jpg 20201127_150432.jpg 20201126_161600.jpg 20210206_204108.jpg

      Here is the DRO lathe build 20210102_131822.jpg
      Drilled 2 holes in the lower part of the cross slide and 1 hole in the upper part

      I marked were I drilled the hole in the upper slide and lined it up with the access hole moved the belt clamp in line of the access hole too


      it takes only 3 screws to put it on

      this a hard drive head bearing
      I milled belt block out and used a slitting saw in the mill using the new DRO i made for the mill

      20210102_131203.jpg 20210102_131236.jpg 20210102_131256.jpg 20210102_131644.jpg 20210102_131706.jpg
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    I needed Z axis DRO for the mill and a DRO for the Lathe
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