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      I already have a plasma cutting table made with openbuilds products , but when i saw the metalguru's idea , i said "whoaww" , this build will be perfect for me .

      A compact plasma cutting table , easy to carry . neither to big nor to small
      I will describe here the advance of this assembly

      First : The idea ( picture from Metaguru )
      dragon too.jpg dragon too top.jpg

      And now , let's go working :


      Plasma generator will be an Esab Cutmaster A40 or A60 .
      The A-serie from Esab is perfect for this kind of use .

      CNC control board is already build in , Torch will be a mechanical one (SL 180 from esab )
      I will not add a THC on this project because the working area is not really big so it's not needed here.
      Stepper motors will be High torque Nema 23 for X and Y axis and nema17 for Z axis .
      For the torch , i'm not sure at this point if i will use a floating head or an inductive sensor to detect the material .

      Updated : May 2nd 2017
      I take the decision to use I a floating head instead an inductive sensor , because inductive sensor is too expose and can be parasite by plasma arc .

      Floating head picture :


      Wiring is done .
      Some pictures ... first video coming soon :)

      dragon1.jpg dragon2.jpg dragon5.jpg

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    Reason for this Build

    I need a portable plasma cutting table .
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