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      This build is still on the drawing board, but I would be interested in any feed back people may have.

      My original goal was to design a system with 1 cubic yard printable area. This comes close, but I am concerned with its stability. I may purchase the parts for a system taller than what is shown, test it, and down size as necessary.

      You may notice that I have very few custom parts on it. The only ones present are non-critical. This is because I don't have access to a printer, or cnc. This build is intended to be put together with a miter saw and hand tools. Unfortunately, this both increases the piece count, and cost.


      Double X-axis:
      • Can be used as supplementary platform (ig. a second color/size/cnc bit)
      • Can be used in tandem (dual production lines)

      Large Printable Volume:
      • 500mm risers: 800x800x280 = 0.1792 m^3 (2.62'x 2.62'x 0.91')
      • 750mm risers: 800x800x530 = 0.3392 m^3 (2.62'x 2.62'x 1.73') (Shown)
      • 1000mm risers:800x800x780 = 0.4992 m^3 (2.62'x 2.62' x 2.55')

      Sway Bar:
      • Limits the actual sway of the Gantry through reinforcement.
      • Includes Z Stop Blocks for both X Tracks.
      • Adjustable:
        • Reduces leveraged weight to the lowest feasible point for current job.
        • Reduces run time by reducing travel time.
      • Sufficient room for Mini-ITX and hardware.
      • 180x632x57mm (about 7x24.8x2.2in)
        • May increase 20-40mm in height if once hardware is selected.
      • Minimal processor needed, can use second hand hardware.
      • Uses multiple controller cards via USB. (cheep)
      • Scalable axis platform (mainly CNC related)

      1.png 2.png 3.png 4.png

      ToDo Progress:
      • Make X platform Universal (Complete)
      • Publish parts file for FreeCAD
        • Add parts I am not using
      • Wiring System
        • Create Wiring parts (In progress)
        • Place Wiring parts
        • Designate wiring plugs for quick change platform
        • Add-on Wiring/Plug location(s)
      • Recheck parts
        • Apply materials attrib.
        • Apply actual Colors to parts
        • Check proper placement/clearances for all parts. (ig. is the screw long enough).
        • Adjust Y runner (Complete)
        • Lower the lower Z support (Complete)
      • Decide on Tabletop securing method
        • Place cross members
        • Clamps
      • Ray-Trace (In Use)
        • Rename all parts for PovRay compatibility (ouch!) (Complete)
      • Exploded views
      • Instructions
      • Parts list
      • Purchase (Save $$$)
      • Build
      • Customize control software
      • Test
      • Final publication

      Front_RightYRunner.png Inside_RightYRunner.png RightYRunner.png RightYRunner_B.png Bottom_RightYRunner.png

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