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      I ended up using as much metal bracing as possible instead of the 3d printed parts (All printed parts were made with PETG). Also, I replaced the z axis wheel mounts with OpenBuilds aluminum plates / eccentric spacers and it's super stable now. Still waiting for my aluminum plate / silicone heating pad to come in the mail, but I've done some test (no filament) prints and everything looks to be running well. I did notice a lot of vibration in vertical extrusion near the x/ y motors (due to how tall I made it). I added some 45 degree bracing on the sides and it removed most of the vibration.

      I hope to be printing in PLA (no heater) this weekend!

      Updates: Videos showing off some of the auto bed leveling and some printing:


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    Started with a smaller basic Prussia I3 printer, but quickly realized I needed something larger. Really liked the D-bot design

    Inspired by

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