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      This is my adaptation of C-Beam XXLarge Tank by Dollarz81. I ordered the C-Beam XL kit parts and upgraded the Y axis to 1000mm. That gave me all the parts needed to build this.

      I am using a Smoothie Board for controller and Leadshine drivers and high torque motors.

      I still have a 2.2KW water cooled spindle to attach as soon as I figure out how to make a 80mm bracket attach to Z axis..

      Of course, still working on electronics enclosure and mounting plugs.

      I have been working on the table to hold the XXLarge and have decided on a torsion box design. Here are some pictures of the build.

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    Reason for this Build

    To learn and build cool stuff. Building is the most worthwhile part.

    Inspired by

    Dollarz81, Kyo, and all the other builds that gave good explanations to build