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      This is a setup I've been using for years on my own machines and custom builds. If done right, you can use a regular shop-vac to power a CNC vacuum hold down table.

      -Basic process involves having a solid sub-top (in this case 18mm baltic birch plywood) that is flat and level to your table frame.

      -Use your CNC to cut a plenum grid that has 2" (on center) squares and diagonal lines running half of your outline. Shown here is a 4'x8' table that is split up into four 2'x4' "zones". Cut a through hole in the center of each "zone" you have made.

      [*Pro Tip; surface your sub-top as large as you can to be true to your machine gantry!!]

      -Plumb each "zone" separately with sch40 2" PVC pipe from the hardware store. Shown here, each zone port [hole] and pipe has an individual shut off valve. This is not needed for smaller tables!!

      -Plumb the PVC pipe setup to a 6hp canister vacuum with filter and bag removed for maximum suction.

      -Use 1/2 MDF for a spoilboard. Surface both sides before using. Air will be sucked through the MDF to hold down your work piece. Use tape along the edges of your work piece to ensure a good seal though.

      There is a lot more about this on my FB page Log In or Sign Up to View

      Hope you give it a try with great results. I have never been disappointed.


      181921443_10159094929494693_7776944824854653569_n.jpg 195904653_10159094930079693_6809779282912326337_n.jpg 196033457_10159094930429693_7965966784764574444_n.jpg 196417005_10159095179744693_5027495600729701163_n.jpg 201650569_10159094929549693_3726211777355424175_n.jpg
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