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      This is mostly all Open builds parts with a few acceptations. I am going to run 1/8" angle iron along the sides to easily mount to a table top. This will eliminate beam deflection. I have done the same along the back of the gantry, both places are where cable track will be going. There are no cross pieces, as I plan to lag this down to a table top which should keep everything secure. I am getting some custom side plates laser cut, these are also 1/8" steel. I'm hoping this will add more strength and weight to the gantry. Other then that, everything is based off the open builds bundles.

      For electronics I have a Gecko G540, which I purchased many years ago where I had a build failure. I've designed a beefed up zipper style cable track based off IGUS, which I am going to 3D print. I have printed off tests and they work great, I"ll see about posting the files here when I am satisfied with them.
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