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      Output wavelength: 450 nm
      Output Power: 2.8W blue laser

      My first tests:
      Laser intensity: S25 (0 - 255)
      Feedrate: F350


      image02.png image04.png image06.png image05.png image03.png

      After the laser processing, it looks burned. But after cleanig it looks great!


      image09.png image11.png image10.png image12.png image13.png image16.png image15.png image14.png

      Two easy ways to create a G - Code:

      1.) Create a G - Code with a cam Software (I use Estlcam):
      - Take a DXF - File and generate line by line with 0,3 mm distance.
      - Processing time for the Ornament 20 min.

      Ornament - Estlcam.JPG

      - Send the G - Code to the machine (I use Repetier Host Software).

      Ornament - Repetiert Host.JPG

      2.) Create a G - Code from image with the Inkscape extension "Raster 2 GCode generator":
      - Processing time for the Logo (100x100 mm) 2 hours.

      Raster 2 Laser GCode.JPG

      - Simple change of laser power with Windows Editor.

      GCode 1.JPG

      - Windows Editor change all Laser power "S255" to "S25".

      GCode 2.JPG

      - You can change the MCode and the laser power for your machine.

      At last a special thanks to oni305 | OpenBuilds for the great Inkscape extension "Raster 2 Laser GCode generator".
      Laser Engraver Control Board + Inkscape extension | OpenBuilds

      It's great to engrave a jeans!

      :) Attention: It is your own risk, when you set your jeans on fire! :D

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