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      DaveP's Homemade CNC Project

      A good bit of this build was sourced through OpenBuilds. Much of the hardware and corner brackets came from eBay or Amazon purchases. Nuts and bolts will break you on a project like this!

      The electronics are driven by a Protoneer V3 CNC Shield on Arduino Uno. Universal G-Code Sender feeds the code to the controller.

      Effective table area is approximately 22" x 27" Modifications are in the works for a multiposition waste board system to enable longer cuts.

      The router is a Dewalt 2-1/4HP DW618 with the speed control / soft-start removed and ran through a Harbor Freight router controller. The magnetic disc for the speed control self-destructed before the router even made a real first cut, so it was bypassed. I wasn't going to keep rebuilding the router when I could go external.

      This is the first official cut. The 'bag' over the router is actually a hair net and it keeps the small sawdust out of the router's internals. The duct tape covers where the speed controller used to be.

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    Reason for this Build

    I will be using this for sign and 2.5D carving, PCB fabrication, acrylic edge-lit signs and potential automotive and other aluminum milling.

    A laser and woodburning head may be added to this in the near future.

    Inspired by

    This is my own design, after researching many others' builds and coming up with my own solutions.
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