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      After using a Prusa I3 for some time I want to build my own 3D printer. I searched the internet for CoreXY-models and found the OpenBuilds site. The model build by Carl Feniak inspired me to design a similar printer. For stability-reasons I want to use the gantries and not printed parts for the wheel carriages. At the moment I'm designing the printer on paper. As soon as I have files I'll upload them. Using the gantries makes the printer more expensive but I hope also more stable and rigid.

      I'm now at version 0.3 of my design. I'm using FreeCAD for the design. The next step is to design The carriage for the extruder and hot-end. I want to use a direct-drive E3D V6 hot-end and A E3D Titan clone for extruder. I'll be using a V-Slot Gantry Plate 20-80mm as baseplat for the extruder, hot-end and fan-duct.

      The first parts arrived. The V-Slot 20x20 and 20x40 Linear Rails several nuts and bolts an the 5 stepper motors. As soon as the corner brackets en t-slot nuts arrive I'll start building the frame.

      Bon Thomassen
      1. Special Notes

        With special thanks to Maker`s Muse, 3D Printing Nerd and Thomas Sanladerer for inspiring me so much, and Carl and spauda01, who gave me the basic design idea for my printer.
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    Inspired by

    Carl Feniak
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